The wedding reception

A wedding reception is a special event, one-of-its-kind, therefore we do our utmost to make it an exceptional and original event to be remembered by the Guests as a success for many a day. We are aware that for many this special day is the most important day of life and applying particular care to all details we try our best to stand up even to the most demanding and most sophisticated ideas and wishes of the newlyweds.

We hold wedding receptions both in our Pod Aniołami Restaurant, in the Burgraves Chamber on the first floor, but we also venture to locations selected by you or those recommended by us. Receptions organised, among others, in historic interiors of palaces and museums as well as outdoor events, for example, in the Gardens of the Archaeological Museum or on the meadows by the Benedictine Monastery in Tyniec, or in private gardens enjoy huge popularity. 

Our Clients and Guests frequently include celebrities of the world of politics, culture, science, actors. We have had the honour to organise banquets and receive illustrious and prominent personages presidents of many countries or members of royal families among them. We have organised many a demanding and prestigious reception, of which more than one went down in history. We also have the pleasure to organise exquisite private banquets, wedding receptions in particular, with their setting and ideas casting spell over many an attendee. We have had the honour to organise wedding receptions for many respectable Guests, aristocracy, and celebrities, the biggest of which, held outdoors under canopies of tents sheltering four hundred revellers, is still alive in our memories today. We have also had an opportunity to organise international wedding receptions, taking into account the cultural traditions of the bride and the groom. For us, it is a great pleasure and an opportunity to acquire new experience which each time allows us to put in practice new ideas and to stand up to culinary challenges.

Preparation of a wedding reception oftentimes requires many details to be thoroughly discussed, however, due to our experience and the know-how we have acquired, mere several weeks suffice to prepare an exceptional party and make it come true in the smallest detail. We are aware of the fact that brides and grooms commence their preparations half a year or sometimes even a year before the event and for this reason the management of our restaurant remains at your command to be able to prepare a full offer along with the menu suitable for both the location as well as the time of year of the event. 

The wedding receptions we organise are remarkable due to:

  • professionally prepared scenario of the event each time adapted to a specific occasion,
  • individual approach to the Client taking into consideration all wishes and suggestions,
  • professional waiting service,
  • menu prepared especially for the occasion and refined in the finest detail, prepared with the highest quality ingredients,
  • elegant setting for each receptions (at request – including flower decorations),
  • cooperation with quality DJs, sound and lighting equipment companies,
  • cooperation with the best wedding agents.

We prepare our menu on the basis of Old Polish traditions and recipes, however, our versatility never ceases surprise our Guests since to their special wish we are able to prepare specialties from all over the world. We specialise in Polish, Italian, and international cuisine. We also recommend seafood, sushi, specialties of Japanese cuisine or our famed Thai soup.

Complying with the wishes of Bride and Groom, we can create a wedding reception in Old Polish or contemporary setting. We cooperate with companies erecting professional floored tents, rent tables and chairs with covers, as well as with florists preparing outstanding decorations. 
To a special request, we will organise a fireworks display or a cruise down the Vistula for the newlyweds …

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