Receptions, banquets and catering

Pod Aniołami Restaurant organises extraordinary receptions and banquets, both on its own premises as well as on office premises, on castle grounds, in mansions, and outdoors. The culinary scenario always highlights the character of an event.

Design arrangement is an inherent part of all catering events.
Original furniture, decorative gadgest ranging from 18th century to modern ones vest the events with peculiar character. Silver, porcelaine, tin, or ceramic sets on tables. A retinue of cooks carrying flaming wildboar, fallow deer, lamb come as a highlight of any feast. Our offer includes Old Polish, Tuscan, and regional cuisine of Podhale.

We organise wedding feats and other receptions on other occasions such as corporate Christmass parties for employees and counterparties, receptions at cinema premieres, banquets at symposia. We entrtain to organise catering events up to 1,000 attendees.

We guarantee professional service, ligthing and sound equipment, a possibility of rental of tents, and professional interior design arrangement with cooperation of interior designers from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

For our guests we will prepare performances of Krakow’s artists and music groups adding glamour to nights spent in our restaurants.

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