Grilled Dishes

  • Nobleman’s shashlik of pork loin, smoked plums and wine sauce, served with a baked apple with cranberries and horseradish
  • Polish-style pork of a young pig stuffed with pork ham served with a baked apple stuffed with cranberries and horseradish sauce
  • Beef sirloin with caper and rosemary sauce with oil, served with grilled courgette
  • Rib eye steak (marbly) from seasoned meat, marinated in rosemary, served with garlic butter and salad with French dressing
  • Veal chops with bone, marinated in herbs, served with forest chanterelles in cream sauce and grilled courgette
  • Saddle of lamb (3 pieces), marinated in vegetables and rosemary, served on roasted beetroots
  • Grilled duck fillet with baked apples with marjoram, served with cranberries and red cabbage with raisins in wine
  • Grilled knuckle of pork with herbs in beer, served with mustard and horseradish; by weight. Glass of beer recommended
  • Mountain rivers’ trout a’la shepherd (boneless), marinated in herbs and grilled over beech hardwood fire, served with horseradish, a baked apple stuffed with cowberries or cranberries; by weight

All grilled dishes are served with a grilled potato with butter and dill.

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