I am delighted with the whole thing. Delicious food, the dishes prepped with an extremely meticulous manner with every detail fitting in perfectly. Chamber of Wawel Castle’s Comptroller was adorned with beautiful, scented flower bouquets. The interior was tasteful fitting the gravity of the occasion. Nice and professional service. Waiters Kuba and Lubomira – good job! Manager made an amazing surprise for everyone by having a solo violin player perform three songs. Thank you for everything! I highly recommend!


We went to the restaurant for the first time with my husband for our wedding anniversary. We decided to choose this one because of a large choice of meat and polish dishes and we were not disappointed. We began with starters, then main dishes – I chose the duck, my husband the bor. Everything was delicious. Waiter Julia was very nice and professional. She recommended us a very tasty, polish wine and it was shockingly good. I suggest you visit this place because we will be back for sure!


Delicious food! Smoked fish, pierogis with different filling – heavenly and beautifully served! Very nice interior with 3 floors, tables outside, the courtyard and rooms in the basement. When it is hot outside I recommend the basement. Tables of different sizes – we went as a group of 9 and sat together. Service on a high standard, very helpful, but not imposing on the client. Prizes are rather high, but worth it. Location very close to the Main Square, but not crowded.

Anna M.

Beautiful place, kind service, amazing food. We decided to go for the testing menu and it was an amazing experience. Food is delicious, well done and complementary. I highly recommend.


After visiting Balaton, I went next door to Pod Aniołami. I ordered pierogis and sour rye soup. Pierogis were good, even though the dough wasn’t a typical pierogis dough. Stuffing good. Soup was served with cream and a quail’s egg. Very tasteful, but there could be more of it. Overall ok, even though prizes are not cheap. This cost me 46 zloty. Service very nice.


Gorgeous interior design and a multitude of ornaments and props, that made us feel as if we were in an old restaurant. Big congrats to the chef that did a great job and prepared amazing jars full of preserves, pickles and homemade alcohol. I am hugely impressed by the diligence and appearance. The food is undoubtedly a selling point of the restaurant. Pierogis and mushroom soup were excellent.

Bartek C.

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