Easter desert menu

In the week after Ester, we still invite you todelicious Ester desert.

Yeast-cakes ’’Babka” 18,00pln
on Krakow’s tables for several hundred years as the queen of desserts. It is “moist”, aromatic, with delicacies.

Served with delicacies:
linden honey, with our home-made apricot or cranberry jam, with plum jam 6,00pln

For a better taste, we recommend:

Hibernal’15 sweet 27.00pln/125ml
Winnica Spotkanówka, Polomia k/Rezszowa, Poland 

“Mazurek”on shortbread in almond flakes 22.00pln

We recommend:
Tart with cranberries
Tart with caramel ‘’kajmak’’
Tart with cherries
Tart with raspberries

Easter Passover  19,50pln
Traditional Easter dessert made from curd cheese and country eggs
with figs, pistachios, raisins and walnuts

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