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Recommended by our Chef

Goose breast carpaccio - an Old Polish specialty made from smoked goose breast with skin, served with cranberries, marinated pear and flavour adding plum macerated in alcohol

Our recherche, noble pate, served with cranberries, pickled pear and home-made horseradish

“A Board of cold cuts” - a selection of delicious, smoked Old-Polish meats from Nowa Wieś Szlachecka, traditionally cold-smoked, served with home-made horseradish, plums macerated in vinegar and pickled mushrooms

Polish dumplings in a variety of flavours with meat, with mushrooms and cabbage and so-called “Russian dumplings” pan-fried with butter and onion, served with cranberries - Nobleman’s delicacy
Mushroom soup made from Polish boletuses picked in the Gorce mountains, served with noodles

Mushroom soup made from Polish ceps picked in the Gorce mountains, served withnoodles

Wild boar steak in juniper marinade, the hunters’ way grilled over beech hardwood fire, served with juniper sauce and red cabbage with raisins in wine

Grilled duck fillet with apple in marjoram, served with cranberries and red cabbage with raisins in wine

Deer marinated in herbs with demi glace sauce with fresh rosemary, served with ceps and fry-browned potato dumplings

Beef sirloin with caper and rosemary sauce with oil, served with grilled courgette

Mountain rivers’ trout a’la shepherd (boneless), marinated in herbs, whole-grilled over beech hardwood fire, served with home-made horseradish, baked apple stuffed with cranberries (by weight)

All grilled dishes are served with grilled potato with garlic butter and dill.

Our famous home-made apple pie with cinnamon served warm with vanilla ice cream and egg liqueur

Raspberry Mazurek on shortbread in almond flakes

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